I Love My Clients, Part 4

We made kind of a big mistake yesterday.
We’re in the midst of a heavy proposal week, juggling multiple editing projects for one of our favorite clients. Yesterday, we somehow managed to edit the wrong version of a document — one that was several days old. By the time our client realized the mistake, it was after business hours. On the positive side, we found the right file and spent the evening editing it. On the negative side, our client had to wait several extra hours to get the material.
In response to our apology the next day, here’s what our client wrote:

Thank you for taking care of the edit even though it was double work. We are all so busy dealing with so many files, it is easy to make a mistake.

Later, she wrote this:

I really appreciate the support we receive from you and your team. I know it isn’t easy to manage a team and projects as smoothly as you do. You make it seem effortless.

What a response! I’m amazed that she could find such kind words for us in the face of our goof-up. Dear client, your wonderful attitude motivates us to work harder for you every day!


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