When it comes to content for healthcare and health insurance companies, there’s no room for imprecise language. Whether you’re creating patient education materials, continuing medical education for healthcare providers, or a peer-reviewed journal article, you want to work with someone who knows your world. 

You need a Dragonfly. Our writers, editors, and designers have tackled massive Medicaid, Medicare, and Marketplace proposals. We’ve written guidelines for patients facing complex conditions. And we’ve created healthcare marketing materials that clearly explain the benefits of new drugs, medical devices, and health systems.

We support:

  • Managed healthcare plans
  • Public healthcare providers, including Medicaid, Medicare, and Marketplace providers 
  • Health networks comprising hospital campuses, primary healthcare providers, and specialty providers
  • Hospice care providers
Two colleagues at Dragonfly Editorial work together on healthcare content.

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Healthcare Content:
Case Study

The challenge: In 2019, a large health insurer serving multiple states was receiving an increasing number of RFPs. While this was good for business, the already busy proposal team faced an overwhelming workload. The extra work took time away from other essential tasks, such as improving the baseline content they were using and thoroughly proofreading their proposals before submission.

The solution: The insurer’s proposal team attended a presentation by Dragonfly president Samantha Enslen, and they contacted us about our services. Dragonfly assigned three editors/writers to the effort. Beth Golden and Susie Sprinkel-Eighmey immediately started working alongside the in-house team to develop proposals for new and renewing clients. Dave Nelsen began going through their content library, an online repository of about 4,000 answers to common RFP questions, to rewrite and revise those responses, a project that Beth and Susie soon joined. Documents in the content library are written by health insurance subject matter experts, and Dragonfly’s goal was to collaborate with these experts to make those documents clearer and more understandable to the average reader. Concurrently, all three Dragonflies proofread proposals that the company was creating.

During this project, we noticed the insurer’s proposal style guide, which is based on Associated Press style, hadn’t been updated in several years. Keeping an in-house style guide up to date is a chore that organizations often set aside during busy times, but it’s exactly the kind of thing we at Dragonfly get excited about. While Beth and Susie continued writing and proofing proposals and revising content, Dave took the reins on a style guide revision.

The result: During a relationship that has now spanned more than two years, Dragonfly has supported the creation, editing, and proofing of over 100 proposals. We have completed a review of the firm’s entire content library, which we continue to update and refine. On the style guide project, we revised or deleted several outdated entries, bringing the document up to date and reducing the page count from 55 to a more user-friendly 33. Most importantly, the proposal team has gotten back some time, so they can better manage their workload — focusing on new business development — and occasionally catch their breath.

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