5 Tips for a Better Content Library

Use these tips to improve your proposal content and move closer to a win.
Senior Writer Corinne Jorgenson explains how to improve your boilerplate proposal copy.

The next time you start refreshing your content library, use this checklist as a starting point.

  1. Focus on inclusive language.
  2. Add new proof points, metrics, or statistics.
  3. Include testimonials from happy clients.
  4. Remove passive language.
  5. Make your writing simpler.

Don’t have time to update your content library? Call Dragonfly

Proposal cycles can become so hectic that you don’t have time for housekeeping — which means your content library starts getting stale. Whether you prefer to update it once a year or once a quarter, it takes work to refresh the writing.

Next time you’re ready for a refresh, let Dragonfly Editorial take on the stress instead. We specialize in writing and editing complex content, making your copy clear and concise, and weaving your win themes into the messaging. Feel free to reach out to us today.

Video filmed by Corinne Jorgenson and edited by Rachel Thompson.

Woman in a black shirt sits in a real-life content library using a MacBook.


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