Are Proposal Graphics Worth the Page Space?

Graphics help evaluators with comprehension, retention, and transfer, and they’re definitely worth using.
Here’s why graphics are worth the real estate in your proposals.

It’s definitely easier to flip through a picture book than it is a dictionary. Why is that? Educational and cognitive psychology research overwhelmingly supports that graphics can improve comprehension, retention, and transfer more than text alone. In fact, proposal graphics can increase comprehension as much as 40% of a standard deviation above the mean.

Proposal graphics help you achieve three concepts:

  • Comprehension: Your evaluator understands what you’re saying.
  • Retention: Your evaluator remembers what they’ve learned.
  • Transfer: Your evaluator understands how your solution solves their problem.

It’s safe to say that graphics are definitely worth the page space.

In some cases, graphics may be less useful. For example, if your evaluator already knows all about your solution, you can probably leave the visuals out.

Need help creating eye-catching proposal graphics? Call Dragonfly

When you’re focused on perfecting a winning message, it can be tough to think about weaving graphics throughout the proposal. You may just not have the time to do it all yourself.

Whether you have a doodle on a napkin or an old graphic that needs a refresh, Dragonfly Editorial can help. Our designers can work in both Microsoft Suite and Adobe Creative Cloud, so we can fit your needs. Need a brand new template while we’re at it? No problem. Send us a message today.

Video filmed by Corinne Jorgenson and edited by Rachel Thompson.

Man with striped shirt looks at iPad with colorful proposal graphics.


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