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Join a diverse team of kind, creative professionals

Can a commitment to excellent work exist alongside a helpful, supportive workplace culture? At Dragonfly, that’s a resounding yes.

We’re a team of writers, editors, and designers who love language and value clarity in communications. We work for some of the country’s top-tier companies, stretching across industries from IT to international development. We work remotely, but we value connection, care, and collaboration.

Short story: We’re Dragonflies. Learn more about what that means below.

We live by our core values

When you join us, you’ll join a team that rewards creativity and kindness in equal measure. A place where we value your talents — and your humanity. A place where we collaborate with care and consideration, while creating amazing collateral for our clients. A place where we prioritize diversity, inclusion, and equity. A place where everyone can meet their full potential.

Dragonfly's core values

We prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion

When it comes to DEI, the proof is in the practice.

Here are some of Dragonfly’s current efforts toward promoting DEI in our organization.

Inclusive Recruiting

We meet candidates where they are: on websites like Editors of Color, Black Writers Collective, African American Graphic Designers, African American Marketing Association, and the Black Marketers Association of America.

Supportive Environment

Our culture emphasizes respect, empathy, and kindness. Our LGBTQ+ and Creatives of Color affinity groups provide safe spaces for teammates to talk, learn, ask for advice, and advocate for one another.

Broad Outreach

Our DEI work doesn't stop at the Dragonfly doors. We provide financial and programmatic support for organizations and individuals within our industry that promote DEI initiatives.

Our Benefits benefit you

Dragonfly benefits

We're a team (not a family)

Casey, Design Manager

“At Dragonfly, it’s truly understood that giving people the trust and space to work the way that works for them creates happier employees who are dedicated to their jobs and their teammates.”

Casey Crary, Design Manager

Rachel Thompson, Vice President

“Something I love about my job at Dragonfly is the opportunity to attend conferences. I get to connect in person with my colleagues, meet new clients, and learn how to be better at what I do every day. I’m so thankful that continuing education is a priority here!”

Rachel Thompson, Vice President

Jo MacGugan, Editor

“Dragonfly leadership truly wants people to pursue their passions. For me, that meant taking two months to shift all of my focus to the final stages of my book. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity as well as the encouragement of my colleagues as I approached publication.”

Jo MacGugan, Senior Editor

Dave Nelsen, Deputy Editorial Manager

“After nine years of freelancing from home, going back to a brick-and-mortar office seemed like such a strange idea. But transitioning to a full-time virtual role at Dragonfly was the perfect choice for me. The sense of camaraderie is strong, but management respects that we all have personal lives. They trust us because they know we’ll always get our work done to high standards.”

Dave Nelsen, Deputy Editorial Manager

We strive for excellence

By the numbers


We are always looking for freelance writers, editors, designers, and desktop publishers who embody the values listed above. If you’re interested in working with us on a contractor basis, please email us at with a cover letter, resume, and work samples.

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