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Whether you’re writing about drugs and diseases, reactants and reagents, or virology and vaccinations, you want to work with someone who knows scientific content. You want to partner with someone who understands the way you talk about your world, gets your ideas quickly, and helps you explain them clearly. 

You need a Dragonfly. Our writers, editors, and designers have developed a wide range of content for science and medicine, including patient education materials, articles about medical breakthroughs, research grants for NIH, and e-books outlining emerging issues in chemistry. Our editors are BELS certified in the life sciences; our writers bring advanced degrees in fields including medical microbiology, ecology, and biology and medical sciences. 

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  • Scientific and medical associations
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Case Study

The challenge: The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) funds comparative clinical effectiveness research of healthcare outcomes that are important to patients. PCORI has funded hundreds of research studies since 2012 and makes the final reports publicly available on its website. By January 2020, a huge backlog of reports had developed over several years. PCORI needed a capable partner to get the published reports up to date online and support new reports going forward. 

The solution: PCORI hired Dragonfly Editorial to edit and format its medical research reports and help convert its finished reports to XML for posting on the NCBI Bookshelf. Dragonfly’s desktop publishers created a customized Word template to format the lengthy reports quickly with a consistent look and feel. Then Dragonfly’s XML specialist liaised with PCORI staff to tweak the template for Bookshelf’s specific XML requirements.

Dragonfly’s editors worked with PCORI staff to develop an in-house style guide to ensure correct and consistent editing in AMA style. The team copy edited PCORI’s backlog of reports and quality-checked them according to these standards. A small team of copy editor contractors provided the flexibility to handle this large workload efficiently.

The result: The Dragonfly team cleared the editing backlog within six months and then started formatting PCORI’s older reports in the newest template. Today, PCORI’s projects are up to date and running smoothly on a rolling basis. Dragonfly Editorial continues to format and copy edit new reports, develop templates for authors, and consult on XML development and conversion. The team works on approximately 60 reports per year.

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