Creating a winning proposal is not for the faint of heart. You’re working against a deadline, coordinating the work of pricing specialists, writers, designers, editors, and executive sponsors. Oh, and half of them may work for a teaming partner and have a suspicious tendency to ignore your emails. When you have to reach out for production support, you need a team you can trust, a team that can take away your stress rather than add to it. 

You need a Dragonfly. For more than 15 years, our teammates have been bringing a positive spirit to the proposal trenches. We’ve helped our partners shred RFPs and create compliance matrices, interview subject matter experts and write sections, edit for clarity and conciseness, and create compelling graphics and layouts. Let us do the same for you.

We assist:

  • Federal government contractors supporting defense missions and civilian agencies
  • Managed healthcare plans, including Medicaid, Medicare, and Marketplace providers
  • B2B firms in finance, IT, and professional services
  • Architecture, engineering, and construction firms

We work with companies like you

Case Study

The challenge: In fall 2020, Parallax Advanced Research split from its parent company, Wright State Applied Research Corporation. In doing so, the organization downsized—and their proposal department slimmed with it. Growth was a key focus for the new organization; Parallax wanted to break into new government contracts with their new name. Yet they didn’t have the proposal management team to do it. They needed someone to take charge—someone who wasn’t also writing the technical volumes. 

The solution: Parallax reached out to Dragonfly for help with proposal management. Our proposal manager jumped on board with a team of writers, editors, compliance reviewers, and graphic designers ready to ease the burden of the proposal process. Our writers worked with their subject matter experts to emphasize win themes and differentiators. Our graphic designers brought copy to life through visually attractive charts and tables. Our editors made sure the final submission had one voice, despite being written by several people.

The result: Partnering with Dragonfly for proposal support, Parallax was able to churn out a higher number of winnable proposals. Our proposal manager’s intimate knowledge of Parallax’s industry gave them more value and impact than they expected from hiring an external proposal manager. Even better—Parallax and Dragonfly’s proposal manager are both located in Ohio, which means both can be onsite at Parallax’s office when needed, without incurring long-distance travel costs. Now, Parallax is able to respond to government bids with confidence, knowing that they have the support of Dragonfly’s talented team of managers, writers, editors, and designers.

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