Proposals: Edit for the Win

Polish your writing instead of your technical content when crunch time hits.
Your proposal process should definitely include editing.

Proposals with errors in the narrative score better than those with grammar mistakes, says a study in Assessing Writing. Copy edit your proposal to:

  • Boost your persuasiveness by 24%
  • Improve your ideas and content by 12%
  • Increase your chance of winning

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

If your team is overburdened and the proposal deadline is tomorrow, you might be tempted to skip a copy edit. Call Dragonfly Editorial instead. We specialize in editing lengthy technical proposals quickly by putting a qualified team of editors on the job. Stop stressing — we’ll handle it.

Video filmed by Corinne Jorgenson and edited by Rachel Thompson.

Close-up of a typewriter with white paper that says “rewrite, edit, rewrite, edit,” which is similar to the proposal process.


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