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What we do

Dragonfly Editorial is an agency with a mission: helping our customers bring clarity to complex topics. We do that with powerful writing, precise editing, creative design, and thoughtful content strategy.

We act as an extension of our customers’ teams, working side by side with you whenever you need—whether it’s late at night or over the weekend. We happily take on unexpected projects and pop-up requests. And we consider large, complicated projects a welcome challenge.

We’re driven in equal measure by curiosity, kindness, and passion for precision. That precision helps us succeed in complex industries like finance, IT, engineering, and healthcare. Our curiosity spurs us to track down the details needed to make your projects shine.  

Our goal is not just to create great content for you. It’s also to help you succeed—by taking work off your plate, reducing your stress, and making life just a little bit easier. 

We’re not chatbots or AIs. Never have been; never will be. We’re real humans, bringing kindness, care, and quality to you every day, in everything we do. That’s the Dragonfly way.

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Meet our leaders—and your new extended editorial crew.

Samantha Enslen | President
“For me, Dragonfly is not just about writing and editing. It’s about being helpful, taking stress off our customers’ shoulders, and helping them succeed. Making someone’s day by saying, ‘Yes!’ when they come to us with an unexpected or challenging request. That’s what motivates me: to be of service, to be a spark of kindness and positivity in someone’s day.”
Samantha Enslen
Andi Trzeciak | Operations Coordinator
“I am grateful I get to work for a company that shares my personal values. Integrity, collaboration, and helpfulness are embedded in everything we do at Dragonfly, and it shows in both the Dragonfly culture and the gratitude we receive from our clients.”
Andi Trzeciak
Cynthia Williams | Senior Editor
“‘Dragonfly’ means ‘possibility.’ It’s gratifying to help teams fit high-quality editing, writing, and design into their busy workflows. Getting that sigh of relief from clients when they’ve submitted their proposals or met a tight deadline always makes me smile.”
Cynthia Williams
Lexy Nesbitt | Senior Designer
“I love working with the talented professionals at Dragonfly, whether they’re writers, editors, or other designers. Everyone strives to help our clients create communications that are not only clear and accurate, but engaging and visually dynamic.”
Lexy Nesbitt
Rachel Thompson | Manager, Marketing and BD
“To me, being a Dragonfly means being surrounded by kind, hardworking people who are passionate about what they do. We live and breathe writing, editing, and design, and we are committed to providing nothing less than editorial excellence for our clients.”
Rachel Thompson
Corinne Jorgenson | Senior Writer
“I’m driven by the problem-solving that marketing and proposals demand—the continuous challenge to innovate, always be at the winning edge, and work a little bit smarter each time. And I love working with our clients’ teams to get to that place.”
Corinne Jorgenson
Dave Nelsen | Deputy Editorial Manager
“I love bringing clarity and concision to our clients’ words. That’s what I’m here for, because that’s our job at Dragonfly: to make others look good. I’m so pleased to work with professionals who are dedicated to that spirit of partnership while showing their unique expertise.”
Dave Nelsen
Melissa Blevins | Senior Copywriter
“I get to work with talented people located all over the world—from the comfort (or chaos) of my own home. I contribute to meaningful projects for major companies and still get to see my kids get on and off the school bus every day. I can ‘have it all’ because of Dragonfly’s collaborative, supportive, and creative team.”
Melissa Blevins
Kathryn Flynn | Senior Editor
“Because I feel so passionately about the power of words and clear communication, I’m honored that our clients entrust their content to Dragonfly. I also enjoy working with and learning from my fellow editors every day. You will not find a more helpful, diligent, good-natured group of wordsmiths anywhere else.”
Kathryn Flynn
Molly Gamborg | Manager, Project Management
“I capital-L love my job. I’m proud to work for a company that operates with integrity and treats clients and staff with respect. We pride ourselves on being cheerful and helpful, and it’s resulted in this really collaborative, supportive company culture and commitment to wowing clients.”
Molly Gamborg
Joanna MacGugan | Senior Copy Editor
“Dragonflies are dedicated, spirited, collaborative, and intellectually curious. They love playing with language as much as I do. I have found my people!”
Joanna MacGugan
Ali Foley Shenk | Senior Medical Editor
“As a Dragonfly, I look forward to work each day knowing that I am surrounded by positive, collaborative, intelligent colleagues who care about their work. I know that I am a respected member of this team, and that motivates me each day.”
Ali Foley Shenk
Michelle Anderson | Senior Medical Editor
“I spend every day surrounded by intelligent editors and writers who are dedicated to their craft, people who are deeply invested in helping Dragonfly’s clients communicate effectively and elegantly. What could be better than that?”
Michelle Anderson

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Design Awards

2020 Bronze Winner, Hermes Creative Awards

2020 Bronze Winner, Summit Creative Awards

2018 Communicator Award

2016 Gold Winner, Hermes Creative Awards

2015 Gold Winner, Hermes Creative Awards

2010 Communicator Award

2007 Gold Winner, MarCom Award

2007 Platinum Award, Hermes Creative Awards

2007 Bronze, ADDY

Writing Awards

2023 Platinum, dotComm Awards

2022 Platinum, MarCom Awards

2022 Platinum, Hermes Creative Awards

2021 Platinum, Gold, Honorable Mention, Hermes Creative Awards

2016 Honorable Mention, Hermes Creative Awards

2015 Bronze, ADDY

2014 Platinum, MarCom Awards

2014 Platinum, Hermes Creative Awards

2013 Gold, Honorable Mention, MarCom Awards

2013 Gold, Hermes Creative Awards

2013 4 Awards of Distinction, Communicator Awards

2012 Gold, Honorable Mention, MarCom Awards

2010 2 Awards of Distinction, Communicator Awards

2009 Award of Distinction, Communicator Awards

2009 Gold, Honorable Mention, Hermes Creative Awards

2008 Award of Distinction, Communicator Awards

2008 Gold, Honorable Mention, MarCom Awards

2008 Gold, Honorable Mention, Hermes Creative Awards

2007 Platinum, Gold, Honorable Mention, MarCom Awards

2007 Platinum, Honorable Mention, Hermes Creative Awards

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