Content Strategy

Content strategy helps you plan, develop, and manage your marketing content effectively, with more success and less stress.

You have a ton of content ideas. Now what? 

Most organizations are overflowing with information and communication needs. The hard part is prioritizing messages and matching them to the right organizational goals, media, and measurement tools. Then, you need time and creative resources to bring the content plan to life.

Can you say “stressful”?

Let Dragonfly bring calm and confidence to your content chaos. Our content strategists will reduce your stress, helping you develop goal-oriented communication plans based on your business objectives. We’ll assess what needs to be communicated, to whom, when, why, how, and how often. We’ll build all of these details into a comprehensive content calendar — and a plan of attack.

Best of all, Dragonfly’s content strategy services are backed by an incredible roster of writers, editors, and designers. That means with Dragonfly, you get comprehensive content plans, plus all the support you need to execute them.

Dragonfly Editorial offers content strategy for B2B marketing.

Our content strategy services

Dragonfly can help you create a content plan — and a strategy for getting it done. We help clients:

  • Audit existing content to see if it’s meeting their current objectives and users’ needs
  • Map the customer (or employee) journey to identify unmet content needs
  • Link content objectives and opportunities to business goals
  • Prioritize content needs based on business impact and user benefit
  • Determine methods and metrics for evaluating communications
  • Develop a workflow to plan, create, review, publish, and maintain quality marketing content
  • Write, edit, and design targeted and effective communications

Dragonfly’s content strategists can help you plan and manage communications for one-time events (like mergers and product launches) or always-on platforms (like your website and social media accounts).

We have experience planning communications for internal and external audiences across a wide range of industries. 

Do you have a communication plan? If not, are you ready to see the results of having one?

“Sending Hugs and Flowers to you all virtually! YOU ROCK! Thanks a bunch!”

— Medscape

Our content strategy process

Dragonfly’s content strategists are experienced business communicators. Chances are, they’ve been in your shoes before. 

When you work with Dragonfly to develop a content strategy, here’s what you can expect:

We do our homework. Our process starts with learning as much as possible about your company: your existing content, audiences, business goals, stakeholders, and competition.

We listen carefully. We listen to your stakeholders and content users to spot problems and opportunities. From there, we design a core content strategy to guide your planning, production, and management efforts.

We build consensus and buy-in. One of our goals is to get everyone aligned on the business goals and objectives for your content strategy. This helps you prioritize content needs and gives you the power to say “no” to projects that don’t match your content strategy.

We strategize. We help your organization plan the right content, for the right people, at the right times, and for the right purpose.

We manage the details. We can build editorial calendars, production schedules, and assignment sheets if you need us to take a more active role in day-to-day content planning and development.

We produce quality communications. Dragonfly offers writing, editing, and design services if you need help executing your content strategy.

We make your work life easier. Dragonfly’s content strategists have planned content and produced communications for companies around the world in a range of industries. Beyond that, we genuinely want to help. We want you to produce timely, quality, and targeted communications without as much stress. 

Dragonfly Editorial is a B2B marketing agency offering content strategy services.

Got a plan?

A content strategist from Dragonfly can help you develop, plan, and manage your organization’s communications.

Let Dragonfly help you with your content strategy

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