International Development

When your mission is meaningful, you want to get the message right. That’s true whether you’re supporting families in crisis, launching agricultural development projects that promote food security, creating economic opportunities that unlock the potential of women entrepreneurs, or promoting the exchange of ideas and understanding across nations. Dragonfly’s writers, editors, and designers have  created a wealth of impactful content for international development organizations.  

We support:

  • Foundations and NGOs addressing global food security, agriculture, and nutrition
  • Global infrastructure, environmental, and social development companies
  • Humanitarian organizations supporting communities living through disaster, poverty, violent conflict, and environmental upheaval
Dragonfly Editorial's writers, content strategists, and graphic designers have experience creating content for international development organizations.

We provide content for international development groups like you

Case Study

The challenge: For a year, Mercy Corps researchers spent hours amassing data regarding the Horn of Africa livestock market. They planned for this work to inform a strategy supporting that industry in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and other countries. This gold-mine-of-data-turned-strategic-vision was to be shared with donors — in the next week! But the writers were stumped by “analysis paralysis” and a limited budget. 

The solution: After seeing Dragonfly’s work on a previous project, the Mercy Corps communications team contacted us. We were happy to assist them quickly and efficiently. Working within their budget — and across time zones — we assigned a substantive editor to review three chapters, which could then serve as guides for the remaining chapters.

The result: The editor refined the story Mercy Corps needed to relay to donors, culling unnecessary information, pulling out key findings, and making suggestions for graphics. The communications team was able to follow suit with the other chapters and make their deadline.

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