An outsourced graphic design agency can create visually stunning designs that clearly convey your message, represent your brand, and bring your ideas to life.

When you have great ideas, you want to share them with the world. But today’s readers are notoriously picky. They’re used to scrolling past content that looks unappealing — and settling only on something that catches their eye. The most brilliant content may be overlooked if it’s not visually compelling.

That’s where Dragonfly’s graphic design services can come to your rescue.

When you work with a Dragonfly designer, you gain a partner who’s committed to helping you convey your meaning clearly. Someone who understands how important your ideas are and who can help you communicate them through infographics, sophisticated font and color choice, and thoughtful layout. 

Best of all, you work with a real person. Someone who cares about your success and brings creative insights born of human ingenuity and experience. 

Our designers don’t just create “pretty pages.” They create content that works for you — expressive, engaging content that grabs your readers’ attention and helps them understand and retain your message.

What we create

Too many design requirements stressing you out? Let Dragonfly’s graphics team shoulder some of the burden. We can help you create:

Marketing materials, such as case studies, fact sheets, annual reports, corporate responsibility reports, and brochures

Proposals, including commercial bids and complex, multivolume government RFP responses

Presentations with exceptional layouts and animation that truly make your ideas stand out

Infographics that clearly present complex data and processes

Thought leadership content, such as white papers and industry reports

Patient education materials that portray critical healthcare information in an accessible, easy-to-understand way

“Thanks, again, for all the great work so far on the BridgeBuilder summary.  We are loving the look of it and are really excited to get it out into the world!”

— GHR Foundation

Our process

Dragonfly’s professional creatives will take the stress of design and production off your shoulders. Here’s what you can expect when you work with Dragonfly. Your designer will:

Get to know you. Our designers dig deep to learn about your goals, audience, format, timeline, and budget. They’ll also become familiar with your internal processes to seamlessly coordinate with your team and build a production schedule that meets your deadline.

Get to know your brand. Dragonfly designers will gather details about brand guidelines or other graphic requirements (such as fonts, colors, or photography style) so that they create something that supports your organization’s identity. Have extensive brand standards? No worries. We handle production design for some of the most sophisticated brands in the world, making sure every detail of their standards is followed to the letter. 

Create clarity. Our designers deliver beautifully crafted, vibrant documents that clearly convey your message. You’ll walk away with a clean, clear, and professional-looking design that wows your audience.

Pro tip: The design process works best when you provide approved, clean copy. If you don’t have the time or resources to do that in-house, check out Dragonfly’s content writing and editing services. We can help you create error-free, design-friendly copy.

Good design = clear communications

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