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Working in the AEC industry isn’t a profession. It’s a passion. A passion for building, for providing homes, for improving the standard of living in communities by creating roads, bridges, airports, and highways. When you need great content for your AEC work, you want to work with a writer who’s just as passionate, who knows how to describe your successes with precision and sophistication.

You need a Dragonfly. 

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Case Study

The challenge: Delta Airport Consultants provides planning, engineering, and construction services for airports across the country. When a new project begins, Delta develops a master plan that defines the scope, schedule, financials, and future goals of the effort. This highly technical document includes complex diagrams and figures of everything from the slope of a runway to the air quality of the surrounding region. The master plan is a highly visible piece, but its design was somewhat dated. Delta wanted a more polished, contemporary design for their plans that would better reflect their expertise and quality of service.

The solution: Working with Delta’s business development and marketing manager, Dragonfly set out to reinvent the master plan design. The document was moved from Word to InDesign because of the latter’s superior font collection, text handling, and layout capabilities. Photographs were retouched as needed in Photoshop, with care taken not to alter technical content. Text and number labels within figures were rekeyed in InDesign, creating readable, easy-to-navigate graphics. Designers strategically added white space to the layout to give the content room to breathe.

The result: The master plan was transformed from a dry, technical report to a contemporary, reader-friendly piece with engaging and attractive graphics. Dragonfly’s editorial team ensured that technical content remained accurate, even through extensive revisions. The master plan now truly showcases Delta’s capabilities and sophisticated offerings.

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