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Explaining software systems isn’t easy. Verbalizing the value of an enterprise IT solution? Even trickier. So when you need content for your IT and consulting business — whether a white paper, blog, case study, or service description — you want to work with someone who knows the industry.

That’s what you’ll get with Dragonfly. Our writers have tackled endpoint data and cybersecurity, IT outsourcing and cloud computing, enterprise applications and SaaS, and just about everything in between. 

Our writers and editors support

  • Multinational management consulting firms, advising on strategy, marketing, organization, and operations
  • Technology companies that focus on analytics, digital engineering, cybersecurity, and military intelligence
  • IT firms with expertise in technology consulting, outsourcing, and support
Dragonfly Editorial - a content writing, editing, and graphic design agency - is a woman owned business and a great place to work.

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Consulting content:
Case Study

The challenge: Bain & Company is a global management consulting firm that helps companies solve industry-defining strategic challenges. They work with companies around the world and across a range of industries. Bain is known for its in-depth research and analysis, which it shares with the world via articles, briefs, infographics, and reports. But with offices and partners around the world wanting to publish their research findings as soon as they’re available, Bain’s internal publications group found itself overwhelmed with requests. 

The solution: They turned to Dragonfly for support. Bain’s internal publications department retains ownership of Tier 1 collateral and global brand initiatives. When requests for support come in, Bain turns to Dragonfly for extra horsepower. Dragonfly staff often help with targeted pieces of a project, such as reframing a research report as a concise blog article. Just as often, we manage every aspect of a publication’s life cycle, including writing, editing, and fact-checking, and graphics creation, layout, and proofreading. 

The result: Bain’s publications department is able to provide high-quality, timely support for all of its offices worldwide, while keeping their core team focused on critical brand initiatives. Bain’s expert consultants know that their deep-dive research and industry insights will be explained clearly, powerfully, and in Bain’s brand voice. Moreover, Bain’s industry-leading research is published promptly, securing its position as a top-three management consultancy.

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