Clear. Correct. Consistent.

You want to tell a clear story — whether you’re writing a proposal, a newsletter, or a journal article. But typos and bad grammar get in the way. Worse, they ruin your credibility. Ask our editors to help. We’ll strip away errors and awkwardness, letting your voice and your message shine through.

What we edit

Here at Dragonfly, we take all manner of confusing copy and transform it – creating content that’s clean and clear. Here’s the type of content we edit.

Marketing communications

We edit all types of marketing materials: white papers, web copy, fact sheets, feature stories, posters, PowerPoints, industry reports … you name it. We edit designed pieces using Adobe.


Our proposal editors tackle everything from 20-page to 200-page RFP responses. We’ve edited proposals from all agencies of the U.S. federal government, all branches of the armed forces, and a wide range of state governments and private firms.

Technical documents

Looking for an editor to dig into a highly technical IT user manual? You’ve come to the right place. We live to edit long, complex documents like instructional manuals, textbooks, and environmental impact statements.

Journals & journal articles

Our medical editors and science editors handle a variety of content destined for peer-reviewed journals. We edit articles to align with the style of the target journal, as well as AMA style, APA style, ACS style, and others as requested.


Levels of editing

Substantive editing

Our substantive editors dig deep into your content, assessing structure, logic, and presentation. This type of edit ensures your messages are clear, your voice distinct, and your arguments persuasive.


Our copyeditors check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and usage. We ensure consistent style and enhance readability and flow. Make sure links work and are correct. We also query factual errors, gaps in logic, biased language, and organizational problems. Our goal is to create a clean document, free of distractions that can get between you and your audience.


Ready to publish? Our proofreaders have your back. They’ll provide a final review and quality check on your file, catching errors that snuck by previous reviews or were introduced during design.

How we approach your project

Size it up

Our customers often need tight turnarounds. That’s why every project starts with a quick assessment of scope—type of content, number of pages, font and font size, format, and schedule—so we can assign the right editor for your job.

Follow your style

We ensure your document follows a consistent style, whether you use Chicago, AP, AMA, APA, GPO, or a house style. That means capitalization, hyphenation, number style, and variable punctuation will be treated consistently. We also develop a project-specific style sheet outlining all of the style issues specific to your particular job.

Make it happen

On every project, we use an editorial checklist and a standard approach to ensure that no typos fall through the cracks. And no matter what time of day we’re working, we’ll make sure your files are ready when you need them.

  • “The quality of your editing is excellent.”

    “I don’t have time for hand-holding, and I can trust you to get things right.”

    — Cathy Pierce, Editorial Manager, European Urology
  • “Big kudos from the client!”

    “Your team did a great job. Our editor was thorough and thoughtful and caught several things beyond just typos. I can’t thank you enough for coming through for us on short notice.”

    —Jennifer Adeli, President, WinBiz Solutions
  • “Thanks so much for the hustle.”

    “You guys managed to edit everything they threw at us, no matter what the schedule. Everyone is grateful.”

    —Liz Ozman, Proposal Coordinator, CSC
  • “Your editing work proved indispensable.”

    “Your team was thorough, thoughtful, flexible, and easy to work with. I look forward to working with everyone again and honing this presentation process. My lead editor was precisely the partner I needed in this endeavor—thank you for your patience and for sharing your insights as we went.”

    –Amy Muehlbauer, Managing Editor, Fiserv

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