We ensure your writing is clear, concise, consistent, and correct.

You’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your work. Now, you’re ready to share it with the world. But do you really want readers to see typos instead of your great ideas? Do you want them to misunderstand your point because of gaps in logic, clarity, or flow? You don’t need that stress—or the risk to your reputation.

Let a Dragonfly editor help.

Outsourcing to a professional editor can help you avoid soul-crushing and potentially expensive mistakes. Our team of editors are experts in grammar, editorial style, inclusive language, and messaging. They’re here to eliminate errors and make sure your meaning comes across loud and clear.

Levels of editing

Did you know there was more than one type of editing? We want to do the right job for you. So on every effort, your Dragonfly editor will make sure we hit the mark on exactly what you’re looking for. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the types of editing we offer:

Substantive editing. Our substantive editors dig deep into your content, assessing structure, logic, and presentation. This type of edit ensures your messages are clear, your voice distinct, and your arguments persuasive.

Copy editing. Our copy editors check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and usage, ensuring consistent style and enhancing readability and flow. We make sure links work and are correct. We also query factual errors, gaps in logic, biased language, and organizational problems. Our goal is to create a clean document, free of distractions that can get between you and your audience.

Proofreading. Ready to publish? Our proofreaders have your back. They’ll provide a final review and quality check of your file, catching errors that snuck by previous reviewers or that were introduced during design.

Plain-language editing. Particularly when writing patient education materials, clear writing is essential. A plain-language edit converts confusing jargon into simple, easy-to-read information, helping you create content that readers can easily navigate and understand. Plain-language editing ensures that word choice, document organization, and document design work together for clear, accessible content. 

Our copy editing process

Creating correct, consistent documents can be stressful—especially when you’re responsible for turning around hundreds of pages of copy in a short period of time. 

Let Dragonfly bring calm and confidence to your copy editing world. We use a standard, proven editorial process on every job, so you can count on consistent results. You can also count on meeting your deadline, no matter how daunting your job.

Here’s what you can expect on every editing project. You team will: 

Size it up. Our customers often need tight turnarounds. That’s why every project starts with a quick assessment of your scope. We’ll work with you to understand the type of content you’re publishing, the intended audience, the  number of pages, the design requirements, and your schedule. With that in mind, we’ll assign the right editor (or editors) to your job. 

Follow your style. We ensure your document follows a consistent style, whether you use Chicago, AP, AMA, APA, GPO, or a house style. That means capitalization, hyphenation, number style, and punctuation will be treated consistently, no matter how large your document. We also develop a project-specific style sheet outlining all of the style issues specific to your particular job.

Ensure quality control. On every project, we use an editorial checklist and a standard approach to ensure that no typos fall through the cracks. For regular clients, we create a custom PerfectIt style sheet, further ensuring that all your style details are captured and quality-checked on every job. 

Deliver. We treat your deadlines with as much care as we would our own. So no matter what time of day or night we’re working, we’ll make sure your files are ready when you need them.

Ready for copy editing that’s clear and accurate?

Dragonfly’s editing team understands the importance of clarity and accuracy in professional writing. We’ll make sure every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed—literally and figuratively.

Let’s talk about your next copy editing project