I Love My Clients, Part 3

Yes, it’s true. I love my clients. And I love ’em even when their requests are outside-the-pale goofy.
Take yesterday, for example. Dear customer called in the morning to ask if we could edit a 100-page proposal by end of day. Our response: No prob, Bob, send it on.
Customer then called back to say we only needed to edit 20 pages, and could we do that as quickly as possible. Our response: We’re all over it.
Dear customer then proceeded to send us all 100 pages over the course of the day. Without giving us a heads-up that he was doing this.
It was so silly, I couldn’t even get angry. I had to laugh.
And in actuality, I know what it’s like to be at the end of a proposal effort, when you’ve been working ’round the clock for days on end and you can barely keep track of what time it is, let alone what it is you have left to do.
So I just smiled and did the work (with the help of three other editors). And thought to myself, I love this crazy, crazy client.


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