Why I Love Being a Dragonfly

November is the perfect time of year to reflect on what we’re grateful for—whether it’s family, friends, or the good fortune we’ve received in our lives. This month, I’m giving thanks for my career at Dragonfly Editorial. Here’s why it’s the best job of my life.

Dragonfly’s values align with my own. As a young, biracial woman, I value diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). It’s important to me that people with different backgrounds are not only included at the table but also that their voices are heard. Dragonfly is a small, woman-owned business that cares about having a diverse workforce. We want to hear perspectives from people old and young, Black and white, female, male, non-conforming, and more. We openly discuss DEI issues that affect society as a whole—and there’s never any fear of retaliation or judgment for being honest.

My coworkers truly embody good cheer and positivity. I wholeheartedly believe that toxic workplaces harm our lives and emotions. After working in a newsroom for three years, I felt my personality changing. Depression took over my positive outlook, and pessimism affected the way I viewed the future. My mental health took a downward spiral—not just because the news industry itself runs on a competition of who can find the grittiest, most intense stories from the worst parts of the world, but because my coworkers or managers often brought the negativity of world news into the newsroom itself. Dragonfly is the complete opposite of that. We value kindness. We understand that treating others with basic human decency is key to fostering a better workplace.

Working remotely grants much-needed life flexibility. No longer am I chained to a desk in a cubicle farm. No longer do I have to sit in rush-hour traffic to get to and from work. Dragonfly has a “life first, then work” mentality. We’re passionate about helping others, and making money is a bonus. As long as you’re getting your work done efficiently and on time, we don’t care where you are.

My boss is awesome. Sam sets an inspiring example as a business owner, family woman, and caring person. For the first time in my career, I can say that I see my boss as a mentor. She encourages her team to seek continuing education opportunities. She pushes us to be better leaders and to try new things. When life gets rough, she gives us the time we need to go through it and get back on track.

November marks one year since I started with Dragonfly. I couldn’t be happier with my transition into this role and this fantastic company. If you’re thinking about applying for one of our open positions, stop hesitating. Do it! It will be the best job of your life.

Written by Rachel Thompson, Dragonfly’s BD and Marketing Manager, and edited by Joanna MacGugan, Copy Editor.

two dragonfly employees smiling and working on laptops


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