That’s My Jam

In this annual time of reflection and gratitude, let’s remember to give thanks for music.

I was recently a guest at my nephew’s wedding. At the reception, which took place in this ultra-cool industrial space downtown, people twirled around the dance floor for hours. Each song that echoed through that concrete space evoked recent (and some not-so-recent) memories. I loved watching people’s faces when they recognized a song and how they strutted out to join the celebratory throng of revelers. 

As is common at many weddings, the bride and groom shared a first dance. As they walked to the dance floor and the crowd quieted, I heard just two notes and instantly a tear filled my eye. I looked at my husband and said, “That’s our song!” Our nephew and his new wife took the floor to the same song we danced to just a half a mile away 23 years before at our own wedding reception. 

The music immediately sparked something in me — call it what you will — nostalgia, emotion, sappiness, warmth, familiarity. Any of those are true. 

Music is power

But let’s talk about music at work. Science has shown that music can increase productivity during repetitive tasks. But how about for our writers, editors, and designers? Does the music ever get in the way and actually slow productivity? 

According to a survey from Totaljobs, people react differently to tunes in the workplace. Introverts with heavy workloads might benefit from listening to music. It can drown out the distractions and interruptions in a busy office space. On the other hand, people who work remotely in their own space might be able to concentrate and be more productive without music.

Much like the diversity of our team, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to music in the workplace. 

The Dragonfly playlist

Some people listen to revved up music when they work, some listen to instrumental music, and some even prefer complete silence when diving into a big project.

Finding the perfect playlist for productivity is not easy, but I asked my fellow Dragonflies what they liked to listen to when they worked. 

  • What song gets you going? 
  • What music helps you do your best work? 
  • What soothes you?

The variations in everyone’s answers were so fun to see that we now have a curated playlist to show off everyone’s unique tastes. If you want to have a listen, join us on Spotify

During this season of gratitude, I, for one, am thankful for the diversity of tastes expressed through music (and that my office mates tolerate my holiday playlist). 

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