7 Ways To Spice Up Your Content Creation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. It’s capturing the imaginations of both tech enthusiasts and everyday consumers. Whether it’s powering email newsletters, inspiring photo editors, or revolutionizing the way department stores interact with customers, AI’s capabilities are nothing short of impressive.

As an editor or writer, you may find yourself curious about trying these great new tools yourself. Diving in may feel daunting, though, so having some prompts handy can provide guidance and inspiration. If you’re interested but don’t know where to start, here are seven AI prompts to help spice up your game:

  1. Generate a synopsis. “Create a concise and compelling synopsis for a novel based on these themes, character sketches, and setting descriptions.” Perfect for when you’re looking for a bit of inspiration or a fresh take on your storyline.
  2. Create headline ideas. “Generate 10 catchy headlines for the attached article that appeal to a general audience.” Prompts like these are great for those times when you’re stuck on finding the perfect headline with broad appeal.
  3. Develop an editorial calendar. “Design an editorial calendar for the next quarter focused on mental health awareness, including weekly themes and potential article titles.” Ideal for planning your content strategy and ensuring your topics are relevant and engaging.
  4. Brainstorm interview questions. “Craft a list of insightful interview questions for an upcoming profile on a pioneering AI researcher, aimed at uncovering their personal journey and vision.” This can help uncover unique stories and perspectives that might otherwise be overlooked.
  5. Create a style guide. “Develop a customized style guide for our blog that reflects our brand’s voice and addresses common grammatical challenges.” A must-have for maintaining consistency and quality across all your content.
  6. Craft meta descriptions. “Write engaging meta descriptions for these five articles that include targeted keywords and encourage click-throughs.” This can make your articles look more appealing in search results.
  7. Discover book recommendations. “Based on a summary of my reading preferences and favorite genres, recommend five books I haven’t read yet but would likely enjoy.” Perfect for when you’re seeking new inspiration or just your next great read.

Be sure to tweak these prompts to reflect your own needs. And if you don’t like what you get the first time, try asking again or rewording your questions. For example, if your headline titles aren’t quite hitting the mark, you can reply with things like, “Shorten the headlines to X characters” or “Rework the headlines you gave me to include [a specific word].” Simplifying your request, changing verbs or keywords, or breaking your request into a series of questions can all help you get a response that hits the mark.

Diving into AI doesn’t have to be daunting. With clever prompts like these, you can enhance your editing toolkit, streamline your workflow, and maybe even discover new ways to captivate and engage your audience. Happy writing and editing!

A woman using AI writing prompts at her home office desk, working on a laptop with a notebook and a cup of coffee beside her.


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