Should You Edit Your Proposal?

You’ve reached a pivotal moment in the proposal process: should you use the last couple of days to polish your technical content? Or should you send it off to the editors? A research study has the answer.
Your proposal process should definitely include editing.

The short answer is yes

How do different types of errors affect the persuasiveness of a proposal and the evaluators’ perception of the ideas and content in the document? A research study found that documents with technical errors rated higher than those with grammatical errors. Giving the proposal a quality copy edit can boost your persuasiveness by 24% and your ideas and content by 12%.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

If your team is overburdened and the proposal deadline is tomorrow, you might be tempted to skip a copy edit. Call Dragonfly Editorial instead. We specialize in editing lengthy technical proposals quickly by putting a qualified team of editors on the job. Stop stressing — we’ll handle it.

Video filmed by Corinne Jorgenson and edited by Rachel Thompson.

Close-up of a typewriter with white paper that says “rewrite, edit, rewrite, edit,” which is similar to the proposal process.


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