Boosting B2B Writing With Powerful Tools and Resources

Bookmark a few of our favorite things. Our B2B writers use these resources to sharpen their writing skills and stay updated on industry trends. 

In the ChatGPT conversation, there’s one thing B2B writers agree on: these large language models are a tool. And it’s not the first or only technology writers have used to improve their craft. Our B2B writers rely on a number of programs to make sure their work resonates with audiences and is delivered on time. 

Here are a few go-to tools from the Dragonfly writing staff:

When you need a powerful word …

We rely on Merriam-Webster for definitions and spellings. For vocabulary inspiration, we use M-W’s thesaurus feature and these sites:

When you need to edit your own work …

If you don’t have a professional editor to review your work, call us. Until then, these tools can clean up common copy errors in a pinch:

  • Hemingway Editor gives you instant feedback on readability.
  • PerfectIt catches typos, abbreviations, inconsistencies, and style issues, and can enforce custom style preferences to reflect your brand. The Chicago Manual of Style is now available in PerfectIt proofreading software.
  • Grammarly reviews content for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and clarity.
  • Dragonfly’s very own Field Guide collection is a robust set of checklists and tools meant to help writers, editors, and designers polish their communications. 
  • And we’d never submit a draft without running a good ole spell check. 

When you need a skills update (and maybe a laugh) …

These professional writers keep it real. We subscribe to their newsletters, take their trainings, and read their books. They’re legendary writers and coaches, and they are enjoyable to read.

When you need more time …

Sometimes, what B2B writers really need is time. We use these tools to speed up and support the writing process:

  • creates transcripts and summaries of your SME interviews and editorial meetings. 
  • Time and Date makes it easier to find an agreeable meeting time across global time zones.
  • AI tools (yes, like ChatGPT) speed up research and create outlines for you to launch from.

Writing well often means combining technology with other essential tools, resources, and skills. B2B writers rely on a diverse array of programs and professionals to hone their craft and deliver high-quality content. Our tool kit is continuously evolving. When you find something great, let us know. We’ll do the same.

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