New City, New Career…and Way Too Many Dinner Options

istock_000013413692small-1I tend to be fairly indecisive when faced with major decisions, like which pair of jeans to wear on a Friday night out, or which side dish to order with my dinner. I say I’m just analytical.
Needless to say, then, that my recent move from Connecticut to Chicago came after months of sober deliberation. I tallied all the pros and cons. On the plus side? Deep dish pizza; the Bears; and the vibrant city my partner Jenne calls home. The cons? Deep dish pizza; the Bears; and the vast, dizzying unknown, especially where work was concerned.
After interviewing with several organizations, I had accepted a job with Avatar HR Solutions, a talent management consulting firm with offices downtown, just a block from Millennium Park. The first time I visited my prospective colleagues, I was dazzled by the organization and environs but still felt haunted by unknowns.
To take this new job, I would be leaving the publishing industry to work in marketing, a new field for me. Would I miss playing with books every day? Would I be any good at marketing? With choices downtown abounding, how would I choose a spot for lunch?
Three busy months have passed since I first asked myself those questions. During that time, many similarly important problems have arisen, usually as I sit before a menu in a restaurant downtown, while Jenne frowns, belly grumbling.
Meanwhile, my aforementioned career questions have for the most part worked themselves out. My organization is lively; my coworkers are bright; and I’m paid well to write and create—all very happy circumstances.
Sometimes I miss publishing, but I’ve found no lack of opportunities to keep my hand in the editing game. As a freelance writer and editor, I’m fortunate to contribute to fantastic organizations like Dragonfly Editorial. I also recently discovered the website Chicago Publishes, where I’ve learned about the city’s inclusive publishing industry programs.
I look forward to getting involved: attending events, building my freelance network, and learning more about how I can support Chicago’s publishing industry in my spare time.
With so much excitement on the horizon, my only question now is what to have for dinner. Grab a bread stick: This may take some time.


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