I Love My Clients

I have to share a recent email exchange between me and one of my clients.

Client: … wanted to pass along to you a comment by a senior manger here about the write-up that Bethany did. The manager said that the package submitted was one of the top five that he had ever seen. Congratulations. Please let Bethany know.
Me: Wow, that is outstanding. I will certainly pass this along, right now. It’s always a nice feeling to know that you’ve done a good job.
Client: You and your team members do not do a “good job,” you do a “great” job!
Me: I am smiling. Thank you for saying that. You are too kind.
Client: I speak the truth.

There is nothing better than working for someone like this — someone who has the highest standards, who demands and recognizes outstanding work, and who understands what you do — and values it.
Dear client, I will keep you nameless here, but thank you so much for everything you do. It is an honor and a pleasure to work for you.


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