I Love My Clients, Part 6

sweet-teddybearAll of our very sweetest clients are in Germany.
We recently helped one such customer proofread a very messy 300-page document. Apparently the document had been edited at some point but still contained a ton of errors that were discovered only after the document had been composed.
Here’s our client’s response. Mind you, this is from a very senior executive.

Many thanks for helping out on this task so quickly! That is highly appreciated! I went through the reports in more detail and really liked your work!
1 million thanks!

Now, that’s just sweet.
Dear client, 1 million thanks for the opportunity to help!
p.s., Here is the same client’s feedback on a small follow-up project done a few days later:

Great! Thank you! Great job and very fast!

I’ll say it again: that is one suh-weet client!


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