Resources for Inclusive Editing

In support of Black Lives Matter, I wanted to share these resources that can help with inclusive writing and editing.

National Association of Black Journalists Style Guide
Supplements AP Style with terms and language usage of special relevance to NABJ’s membership and community

Conscious Style Guide
Rather than a “style guide” per se, a collection of articles and resources related to conscious language

A Progressive’s Style Guide
Presents guidance on avoiding discriminatory language; sections provide easy-to-follow “terms used vs. terms questioned/avoided” lists

AP’s entry on race-related coverage
Available on to AP subscribers, this entry outlines AP’s guidelines for reporting and writing about issues involving race

Editors of Color Database and Writers of Color Database
Great resource for hiring managers looking to create a more diverse workforce, and for editors and writers of color looking to promote their skills (Dragonfly is a sponsor of the EOC Database)

Unconscious Bias and the Conscientious Editor
ACES webinar presented by longtime Merriam-Webster editor Kory Stamper, focused on the premise that everyone has biases, and a good editor tries their best to be aware of them and how they may affect their work

Calling Out Bias with Confidence
Article on the ACES blog about how editors can diplomatically suggest changes to their authors

Editing with Head and Heart
Article on the ACES blog about how writers and editors can balance the needs of SEO and conscious language

List compiled and shared by Samantha Enslen, President of Dragonfly Editorial.

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