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  • Coffee or tea: What makes Dragonfly buzz?

    How do Dragonfly staffers greet the day? With caffeine, of course. I polled our writers and editors to find out everyone’s favorite morning pick-me-up. Here’s what I learned: Jennifer Lorenzetti combines coffee with her favorite music: I drink dark roast… Read More

  • Garner’s gone digital: Our favorite editing resource is now online

    I consider Garner’s Modern American Usage one of the most important (and probably most underused) resources available to copyeditors. There’s no easier place to sort out distinctions between easily confusable terms such as far-flung and far-fetched; percent and percentage; or… Read More

  • Women In STEM: A Cause Worth Fighting For

    Did you know that men make up more than 75 percent of workers in the science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM) professions? Women continue to be poorly represented in STEM fields of study and STEM careers—even though they fill close… Read More

  • A sharp focus: Dragonfly’s Dee Powell

    When I ask Dragonfly’s Delilah Powell the biggest change she’s seen in her 20-plus years as a desktop publisher, I’m expecting something totally broad, like “the digital revolution” or “the Internet.” She stuns me with her reply: “the release of… Read More