KAUST University in Saudi Arabia

The challenge

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is “the MIT of the Middle East.” Their Department of Innovation partners with local businesses and industry to foster economic development and entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia. Each year, its annual report covers outstanding student work, awards in research and technology, and the achievements of its outreach programs. The department asked Dragonfly to write and design the Innovation 2019 report celebrating its tenth anniversary.

The solution

KAUST wanted a piece that would be as visually exciting as it was informative. Working with KAUST’s marketing team, Dragonfly set out to create a publication that reflected the goals and impact of the Department and 10 years of achievement. Dragonfly’s writing team captured Innovation’s values, mission, and accomplishments with a distinct tone of expertise and enthusiasm. The Design Department followed suit with bold and engaging graphics that speak to high-tech innovation.

The result

The KAUST 2019 Annual Report is a world-class document that reflects the state-of-the-art research, outreach, and vibrance of the Department of Innovation. While celebrating its anniversary, the report exudes a confident optimism and builds anticipation for ground-breaking projects and growth in the future.

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