Molly Gamborg

Project Manager


“I capital-L love my job. I’m proud to work for a company that operates with integrity and treats clients and staff with respect. We pride ourselves on being cheerful and helpful, and it’s resulted in this really collaborative, supportive company culture and commitment to wowing clients.”

Off the clock


Molly is an editor with nearly 20 years of experience with technical reports, proposals, research papers, and corporate communications in defense, education, finance, sustainability, geoscience, and engineering.

As a senior editor at Dragonfly, Molly helps a diverse set of clients polish their copy. She often takes on quick-turnaround projects—she thrives on deadlines—but she’s equally comfortable leading a team of editors on larger, long-term projects. As a career technical editor, she focuses on reader clarity and has a passion for plain language.

Before joining Dragonfly in 2017, Molly was the managing editor for IEEE Micro (a bimonthly computer science research magazine) for seven years. In this role, she planned issue content and monitored progress, managed the budget and risks, and ensured that key milestones were reached and deadlines were met. She also edited technical articles and proofread all layouts for errors, inconsistencies, and cosmetic issues.

Her past experience also includes working as a copy editor for Capital Group Companies. In addition to editing white papers for American Funds products, she assisted in financial research and wrote articles for advisers.

Molly has an MA in English from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). One highlight of her graduate school experience was presenting her paper, “Dysfunctional Humours: Palomydes’ Melancholy in Malory’s Morte D’Arthur,” at the Significations conference in 2005. Molly also has a paralegal certificate from CSULB.

Molly lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with her husband, daughter, and their big dog. When she’s not working, you can find her leading a Girl Scout troop meeting, exploring her newly adopted state, or binge-watching Doctor Who.

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