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Amanda Jackson is a copy editor at Dragonfly Editorial, a B2B content writing and marketing agency.
“I’m grateful to be a member of the Dragonfly team because it’s such a unique and extraordinary group of individuals. Never before have I come across so many highly intelligent, hardworking, conscientious people all in one place. The quality of work that is produced is second only to the amazing human beings they are.”

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Amanda is an editor with more than a decade of experience who edits a broad range of material, from technical reports and proposals to scholarly journals and nonfiction manuscripts. No matter the project, her goal is to consistently produce the best possible product: a polished and refined publication delivered on time. 

Amanda joined Dragonfly as a freelancer in 2019, using her versatile editing skills to tackle projects across the corporate communications arena while editing nonfiction book manuscripts for Rowman & Littlefield and University of Nebraska Press — over 50 manuscripts edited to date. In 2022, she transitioned to a full-time copyediting position at Dragonfly, where she continues to enjoy the challenge of editing for a broad range of clients. She is always surprised by how her experience in seemingly divergent topics and styles of editing inform and build on each other in unexpected ways. She approaches each editing challenge with a can-do attitude and a good measure of persistence, flexibility, patience, and professionalism. Her editing has been described as “insightful,” “extraordinarily sensitive,” and “incredibly thorough,” and she has received commendations from authors in the acknowledgments section of six books.

Amanda earned a bachelor’s degree in English with a creative writing focus from the University of Colorado, Boulder. A published poet and short-story writer, Amanda draws on her creative writing background in her work as an editor. Her love of language spans the copyediting world and daily delivers exciting grammar, syntax, and style puzzles for her to solve.

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