A Writer in the Making?

My mom recently found this essay I wrote back in 1977, apparently just for fun. Typos, odd spellings, etc., left intact.

“Summer of ’77”
After school was out (june i0) I had decided to go to day camp. It was not like I expected it to be. The first day it sprinkled, so we could not go swiming. THen we sat around telling stories. We soon eat lunch.
The next day looked for craw dads. The next, went canoeing. Finally the last day we had a cook out. After camp was over, we (my sister and me) went to swiming lessens at precious blood, but the Y.M.C.A. was holding it. Then while my mother went to tennis lessons we went to summer recreation with a friend of ours, lois. Then it was my birthday!
On the Satuday before it I went to shawnee hills for the weekned to celeberate. Shawnee hills is a place where my granny and grandad have a cottage by shawnee lake. For my birthday I got a tennis racket. Soon after that we went to fanisy farm. There me, my sister & my dad went on many rides. We then went to the lake and I asked my grandad if I could learn to ski (on water of course) and he said yes, so now I am going to try to ski. I hope I will learn fast so that I can go often. Way back when I was taking swiming lessons I learned to dive, and swim under water. I can’t swim verry long because I can’t hold my breath too long.
This is as far as I have gone this summer so I guess this is the end.

The budding talent of a writer in the making? Or just the scrawlings of a girl enamored with a typewriter? You decide.


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