What’s Good for Proposal Writers, Is Good For All Writers

WritingWe’re always interested in what proposal management expert Olessia Smotrova-Taylor has to say. Although her articles are ostensibly about proposal methodology, many of them also address fundamental principles of all successful writing.
In her email newsletter this month, Olessia explains how to conduct a successful proposal writing and review process. One key, she says, is having frequent check-ins with proposal writers to make sure they’re on track.
Often, subject matter experts get recruited as proposal writers—and have to balance their “real” jobs while they craft proposal content. When writers work outside their comfort zones, the temptation to put off writing “until tomorrow,” or “until I get this other project done” can be irresistible.
The same advice applies for all professional writers. Even the most experienced among us can find ourselves putting off a tough assignment until the last minute. And we all benefit from a little accountability.
That’s why it’s important to establish a clear timeline at the start of a project with fixed review dates. This keeps writers working at a steady pace—and ensures major issues are cleared up toward the beginning of a project. And that means smoother reviews down the road.
Read more of Olessia’s advice on managing a successful proposal process.
Samantha Enslen runs Dragonfly Editorial.


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