What the Heck Is 16-Point Line Spacing?

Recently, a client sent in an editing request for a 55-page document with 11-point Garamond font and 16-point line spacing. My first reaction: what the heck is 16-point line spacing?
For this particular client, we provide an estimate for every project. It’s based on several factors: page count, font size, line spacing, etc. If I didn’t know what 16-point line spacing was, how was I supposed to estimate how long the project would take?
I turned to the Internet for help.
I discovered that spacing can be measured in points, just like fonts can (duh!). Aside from the typical single- or double-space options, Word will let you customize your spacing. You can do this by opening line spacing options, and select Exactly.
Line spacing adjustment box in Microsoft Word

It turns out that 16-point line spacing is somewhere in between single and double spaced.

So, there is your tidbit for today. Spacing can be measured by lines and points. And 16-point spacing is about halfway between single- and double-spacing.


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