Warm and Fuzzy Copyediting Tips for a Snowed-In City

ACES_ACS presentationWinter Storm Pax. Snowchi. Federal Government closure. None of these obstacles stopped the ACES board this week in their mission to spread the gospel of good copyediting far and wide.
Regina McDowell, John Braun, and I spoke to the American Chemical Society (ACS) this week in Washington, D.C. We spoke to their marketing managers, who are responsible for promoting ACS’s portfolio of scientific journals.
You know, publications like Biomacromolecules and Organometallics. You can find them right next to InStyle in the grocery store checkout line.
But seriously, ACS publishes some of the most important, most-cited journals in chemistry. And the marketing group at ACS does a fantastic job of clearly explaining the benefits of submitting papers to these complex journals.
ACES’s job was really the icing on the cake: to help them refine an already-strong publications process. To pinpoint ways to reduce revisions, prevent errors, and more effectively catch those errors that do slip through.
It was a real treat to speak to a group who was so passionate about language and so eager to learn more about the details of copyediting, proofreading, and quality control. We left them hard at work on improving their in-house style guide and creating an official copyediting checklist.
I can’t wait to see what they come up with.


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