The Votes Are in…

…And we’re a winner! Dragonfly took home a new batch of honors at this year’s Hermes Awards and Communicator Awards, both major international competitions in marketing and communications excellence.
We’re proud of all of the Dragonfly writers who contributed—and we want to share their awesome work with you. Á la The New Yorker, here are our five favorite sentences, one from each of the award winners:
“If freedom from the hassle of uniform management wasn’t enough, consider this: For a typical uniform order, a school of 500 students makes between $10,000 and $20,000 in net revenue.” 
Hermes Creative Awards, Gold Award, web copy: Epluno website
“If your website’s like a cappuccino, your mobile site should be like a shot of espresso.”
Communicator Awards, Award of Distinction, website writing: Atomic Interactive website
“A rooftop crane, nighttime lifts, and tight quarters create unique challenges in a mechanical construction project.” 
Communicator Awards, Award of Excellence, magazine writing: TDSpirit Shell Oil article (the feature also received an honorable mention at the Marcom Awards)
“What you do matters to the file clerk in an office building, a worker in a clean room, a waiter in a restaurant, or any number of other people who work and thrive in the Texas heat or cold.” 
Communicator Awards, Award of Distinction, employee publication: TDSpirit Summer 2012
“As a copyeditor of medical content, my sun rises and sets on the styleguide—the bible, the rule book, the toolset that I use to hone unruly prose.” (“The Ins and Outs of Medical Editorial Style”)
Communicator Awards, Award of Distinction, blog content marketing: Dragonfly Editorial blog
Giant kudos to all of our prize-winning writers. Keep up the good work!
Samantha Enslen runs Dragonfly Editorial.


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