Mac-PC Mixup: A Gaffe, To Say the Least

To start with, all parties in this blog entry must remain nameless.
That being said, a friend reports that he was at a presentation today. Nonprofit group, presenting to a major funder. Someone (known only as a “Mac Guy”) was trying to operate the PC on which the presentation was being run.
Apparently, Mac Guy clicked on Windows Media Center instead of Windows Media Player and somehow opened up the PC’s photo files.
To reveal what friend described, euphemistically, as a ” generously proportioned woman, wearing very little, with . . . devices arrayed about her.”
[Note to concerned readers: this was NOT friend’s PC, nor did it belong to anyone in his group.]
Friend notes that the startling image served as a less-than-ideal introduction to their much tamer video presentation.
The mysterious lady’s effect on the group’s chances of getting funding remains to be seen. We’ll be sure to update you.


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