Michelle Anderson

Deputy Editorial Manager


michelle anderson
“I spend every day surrounded by intelligent editors and writers who are dedicated to their craft, people who are deeply invested in helping Dragonfly’s clients communicate effectively and elegantly. What could be better than that?”

Off the clock

Riding my horses
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Michelle has edited medical and technology content since 1997, helping clients communicate complicated subject matter succinctly and effectively. She loves language and specializes in using its power for the greatest good.

After leaving graduate school at the University of Minnesota in 1995, Michelle was searching for a way to put her hard-earned knowledge of English literature and several dead languages to work in the “real world.” Medical editing seemed like a perfect fit.

She began her editing and writing career by creating product launch as well as patient and sales rep training materials for Medtronic, specializing in implantable devices designed to manage chronic pain and movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease. From there, she took a turn into the IT world, managing the newsletter group for what was then Windows 2000 Magazine. She spent three years immersed in the Microsoft universe (despite being a dedicated Mac user), working on core Microsoft web and security content in beautiful northern Colorado before returning to the Twin Cities in 2003.

Michelle was a freelance editor for many years, working on medical and technology content for a variety of clients, including Dragonfly Editorial. After nearly 10 years as a contractor to Dragonfly, she officially joined the fold in 2018 as a senior science and medical editor. She is dedicated to helping clients find the best way to communicate with their customers, whether those customers are physicians, patients, public health officials, or healthcare decision-makers. Michelle is committed to fostering the partnership between writer and editor to produce materials that are clear, effective, and correct and that conform to the chosen style.

When she’s not working, you can find Michelle careening across the countryside on her horse, hiking through the wilderness with her dog, rescuing yet another animal, or reading at home—cup of tea at her elbow. She holds degrees in English, medieval studies, and classical languages. In short, she has spent an inordinate amount of her life in university classrooms and libraries and remains a dedicated amateur medieval historian. Her medieval Latin and Old Norse reading groups keep her from total academia withdrawal.

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