Lisa Péré

Manager, Business and Technical Writing


“I love working with a team that’s dedicated to finding the right words for our clients, improving our industry, and living by the values of integrity, creativity, and good cheer.”

Off the clock


Lisa specializes in coordinating, writing, and editing B2B content and marketing campaigns across a variety of industries.

Lisa’s obsession with words started at age five, when she requested her grandmother’s help typing an exposé about her kindergarten’s trip to a dairy farm. From co-founding her junior high’s library club to winning her local radio station’s “Why I Deserve a Dinner out for Five” contest with an essay on the horrors of school lunch, she continued devoting a large portion of her time to writing throughout college, with a detour to pick up a degree in theater. 

After living in London for several years and also learning to appreciate French, Lisa finally began working with words on a daily basis as an associate editor for Colorado environmental consultants RTi. After producing numerous impact statements, proposals, websites, and multimedia presentations (and learning to love the serial comma), she took a position as an editor with Windows NT Magazine. Work as a project manager for content creation efforts with Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and other high-tech companies followed. Finally, Lisa launched a decade-long freelance career as an editor and content creator, working with a variety of material, including technology training courses, young adult fiction manuscripts, blog posts, and white papers.

After honing her knowledge of B2B content by writing multiple award-winning projects for a boutique marketing firm, Lisa joined longtime collaborator Dragonfly as B2B writing manager. She loves the opportunity to bring together the many skills she’s acquired over the years to deliver the best content to Dragonfly’s awesome clients.

When she isn’t working with words, Lisa enjoys spending time in her garden, soaking in the Colorado sunshine, and embarrassing her two children (who are much too cool to share her DNA).

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