Lia Eastep

Senior Copywriter


Lia Eastep
“One of Dragonfly’s tenets is putting the Right People in the Right Seats. After a career spent trying to be everything to everyone, I feel like I’ve finally found the Right Place for my specific talents and skill set.”

Off the clock

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With 20+ years of experience across diverse industries (financial, retail, education, entertainment) and organization models (agency, corporate, nonprofit), Lia considers herself a journeyman writer.

Lia’s professional career began as a production assistant in the Design & Production Studio of Columbus’ science museum, COSI. There, she created copy for exhibition graphics, presentation scripts, and managed large-scale production projects for the organization’s relocation/expansion.

Earning an MFA in Writing, from the Naslund-Mann Graduate School of Writing at Spalding University, accelerated Lia’s transition into a career as a copywriter. After a decade of exploring various industries and teams through contractor assignments, Lia worked with some of the largest employers in Columbus, including L-Brands, Abbott Laboratories, The Ohio State University, McGraw-Hill, Chase, and Nationwide.

At Dragonfly, Lia is part of the Writing team, creating dynamic content for a wide variety of clients. Copy designed to compel and convert is the product of diligent research, thoughtful conversations, intentional messaging, and inspired creativity.

Outside of the office, Lia actively pursues personal creative projects. Her work has been published in various professional publications. She is not above putting herself in ridiculous situations in pursuit of a good story (stories available upon request…) Lia is a proud resident of Westgate, the Columbus neighborhood where she grew up, and is active in the community as a Reading Buddy and School Work Help volunteer.

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