Julie Henderson

Science & Medical Editor


“Being part of a large Dragonfly project on a tight deadline is a pretty amazing experience. Everybody chips in and feels a bit of ownership in delivering a product our clients can be proud of.”

Off the clock


Julie has edited content ranging from anthropology to zoonoses for more than 20 years. Her specialty areas are the life sciences, especially medicine and chemistry.

Julie earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology and entomology, respectively. Her career as a scientist took a turn toward editing when she picked up a health newsletter published by a friend’s employer. “This is interesting, but …” said this grammar and word maven, and she was hired as the company’s copy editor.

Julie’s career took a turn again when she decided to go to nursing school. She worked as a medical/surgical and pulmonary nurse for a few years while editing as a freelancer. She was certified as an editor in the life sciences in 2003 and started freelancing with Dragonfly Editorial in 2009.

Her variety of academic and career experiences has informed her work, which primarily has focused on editing articles for medical and science journals, and college science textbooks. Upon reviewing Julie’s work on a continuing medical education project, one client commented, “I can tell from her corrections and comments that this editor really understands what she’s reading.” That’s one of the greatest compliments an editor can receive.

Julie continues to grow as an editor, recently expanding into developmental editing and coming on board full time at Dragonfly in 2021 as a medical and science editor, and resident entomologist. Julie enjoys working with her colleagues on a variety of projects. Two things that particularly resonate with her are that Dragonfly is committed to helping ease clients’ stress and making them shine, and that Dragonfly is a woman-built and -owned company.

On or off the computer, Julie enjoys a good cup of tea and listening to all kinds of music. She shares a home with her husband (who, as it happens, takes beautiful photos of the dragonflies patrolling the shore of their backyard pond) and dog. They both love watching their grown daughter play and coach soccer. Desert island must-haves: peanut butter and Spotify.

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