Jeni Crockett-Holme

General Manager


“I enjoy building collaborative relationships and creative teams to develop each client’s unique message. Dragonfly strives for excellence and integrity in that work, and that is always satisfying.”

Off the clock


Jeni is a publications project manager with experience in writing, editing, and design. She facilitates collaborative teams to develop original creative content.

Jeni’s project management career began in kindergarten when, without the teacher present, she successfully organized her fellow five-year-olds during a fire drill and led them to safety (it was the 1970s). Since then, her career has included theatrical stage management, conference production, program administration, regulatory compliance, and publications management. She organizes stuff.

After studying journalism in New York University’s Gallatin program, Jeni spent four years at Theatre Crafts and Lighting Dimensions magazines learning publications production and management. She eventually took those skills to Virginia, where she published continuing education content for lawyers and developed that content into online programs. She has experience working in InDesign, HTML, LaTeX, and Microsoft Access, in addition to the standard Microsoft Office suite and various enterprise software platforms.

Jeni has been an editor and writer full time for the past two decades, working on scholarly journals and books, corporate reports, training materials, daily news, and regulatory documentation. She found she has a talent for explaining complicated technical concepts clearly and applies that to STEM and medical communications. She provides developmental editing, copy editing, production coordination, and quality assurance for a variety of publications. She is fluent in AMA and Chicago styles and has experience working in APA, AP, and many project-specific styles. She is certified as an editor in the life sciences.

Family caregiving brought Jeni to Virginia. She subsequently spent two years running senior centers and home-delivered meal programs for the local agency on aging and got a graduate certificate in gerontology at Virginia Commonwealth University. This direct-service experience was eye-opening for understanding medical and social issues around aging, poverty, and race and continues to inform her professional editing and personal advocacy. As a leader, Jeni particularly values Dragonfly’s commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equity in all aspects of the work.

Once she’s done with her Dragonfly day, Jeni does freelance editing for fun, with a focus on social science and history. She has a gold medal in ice dance from US Figure Skating and volunteers as a judge. She has recently started hitting some tennis balls around—we’ll see how that goes.

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