Showing a “Pinterest” in Books

istock_000014029719xsmall1We’ve all heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” With Pinterest (, that’s exactly what you are meant to do.
For those of you who haven’t latched on to the social media craze that rose to stardom nearly overnight, you may already know that Pinterest is a virtual corkboard for your favorite interests, hobbies, and “pretty stuff.” Unlike other sites that let you “like” or “favorite” photos and hyperlinks, Pinterest also lets you organize them.
Pinterest allows you to create “pinboards” based on your interest or hobbies. Mine include “Books Worth Reading”– a place to show off books that I’ve edited, read, or want to read. Whether you read in book format or electronically, you can use Pinterest to store and share images of books you love or recommend.
The majority of pins from my friends are recipes (I’ve never seen so many cupcakes in my life), home decor, and cute animals. But there is a lot of great stuff for the book lover, too. You’ll find DIY craft projects, like bookmarks and Scrabble-tile coasters; inspirational quotations; book covers as a means of sharing book suggestions; and lots and lots of photos of gorgeous libraries, clever book shelves, and book nooks for the home. Build your pin-buddies by following your book-lover friends and favorite bookstores, like Tattered Cover (
Pinterest has a predominantly female audience (as much as 95% female users), but it’s growing a wider audience.  Pinterest appeals to the magazine browser, the mom looking for kid-friendly projects, collectors of pretty pictures, and compulsive organizers, among its more than 10 million users. And if you’re anything like me, you really like to organize things. Thank heaven for Pinterest.


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