SEO: Not Just for Techies Anymore

SEOacronymWe read a great article recently on best practices for search engine optimization (SEO) in PR writing. That sentence might make you want to tune out—but stick with me.
Attention to SEO isn’t just for web programmers or digital marketers. It’s a need-to-know skill for anyone who does any kind of writing for the web.
When you’re writing a piece to publish online, think of an “SEO check” as just another step in your writing process, the same way you might revise your work for readability or tone. Ensure the words you’re using to describe your clients’ services are the ones users are actually searching for (use tools like Google Trends to see if you’re on track).
If you’re also responsible for formatting and posting online content, be sure to include relevant links (back to a company’s website, related posts, or resources for further reading). They’re an easy way to boost credibility—and, in turn, SEO.
It used to be that writers simply had to get words on paper. Now, we’re asked to be content copywriters, publishers, and promoters all in one. As we continue to navigate the ever-changing rules of online and social media, we’ll do our best to stay informed. So we can help our clients share their work with the world.


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