4 Undeniable Values of a Good Blog

Once considered the medium of navel gazers and niche-topic writers, blogs have evolved into one of the most effective tools of a B2B marketing strategy. Even as marketing trends emerge and disappear quickly, the blog is likely to retain its staying power. Here’s why.

1. Investment (Great ROI)

The marketing industry (and cultural) shift from print to digital has considerably reduced the overhead in creating most marketing collateral. But even among digital assets, the corporate blog has a high ROI. The biggest (and often only) expense involved in creating a blog is the skill and time investment of the content writer. Once created, content can be widely distributed and repurposed into multiple channels at minimal cost.

2. Engagement (SEO Booster)

The internet has fundamentally changed the way companies and consumers find one another. Once upon a time, we flipped through our local Yellow Pages in search of broad categories — lawyers or landscapers. Today, we are more likely to type a question into Google: “What is the average cost of a divorce?” or “Is an organic lawn service as effective as a chemical treatment?” An informative blog fortified with searchable terms (but not so many as to hinder readability) can serve as a trojan horse into your company’s website and orbit. 

3. Versatility (Flexible Platform)

Blogs need not only be 1,000-word thought pieces. Today’s publishing platforms can easily be embedded with infographics, videos, interactive designs, and more. Blog content aligned to overall marketing objectives and integrated into individual campaigns is an excellent source of “big rock content.” Likewise, evergreen and popular content — topics likely to retain relevance like fundamental insights or advice — can be repurposed in strategic ways.

4. Authority (Brand Ambassador)

A well-crafted and strategically timed blog post can position your company as a trusted player or thought leader in your industry. Longer-form content can reveal nuances and depths of your overall brand in ways other collateral simply cannot.

Unfortunately, marketers are repeatedly advised to write for audiences who don’t read. In response, they churn out hastily created posts (often written on the cheap by inexperienced writers they’ve never met who have no prior knowledge of their company or business) that interest no one and fail to gain any traction. No wonder.

The best way to stand out in a crowded digital landscape is to understand and articulate how your products and services alleviate consumer pain points and, in turn, provide solutions with real value. Engaging in performance analytics can help you better identify who you are reaching, what they care about, and how to best connect with them.

As marketing continues to evolve, consumers will continue to seek content that directly addresses their challenges. The blog, therefore, seems likely to remain a valuable medium.

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