Rebranding: Why? When? How?

dragonfly logo2017 was a busy year for Dragonfly. But what year isn’t, really? Amid our many projects and deadlines, we somehow managed to pull off a rebrand. We now have a new logo, trade-show booth set-up, stickers, and handouts, among other things.

But company rebrands are always a bit of an enigma. How do you know when it’s time to rebrand? How do you decide on themes, colors, and products?

We asked our Design Manager, Lexy Nesbitt, to walk us through her process.

Why did you think it was time to update Dragonfly’s brand?

“Dragonfly is always evolving as a business. It began with Sam editing in this snug little office in her 100-year old, historical home. Now it’s grown to a business with global clients and writers and editors all over the world. It was time for a big change.” stickers

How did you decide on the new concept (new logo, fonts, and Field Guide templates)?

“In the past, the Dragonfly Brand had a very personal, very feminine look. There were some structured graphic elements, but it was softer.
The new concept grew from my sense that the look needed to be bold but approachable, confident but friendly. Whimsical elements are grounded with strong typefaces. Pattern and color is balanced with structure. It’s got a lot of attitude, but in the nicest way possible.

Ultimately, it really needed to stand out. Dragonfly is a truly unique company, and I wanted the look to communicate that.” table sign

What about the colors?

“There was absolutely a need to move from soft to brighter colors. The palette is lively and fun, and it exudes confidence. It’s appropriate for Dragonfly’s position in the editing world. And it’s a pretty good reflection of our highly competent and hardworking—but vibrant and delightful staff.”

We’ve added multiple pieces to our trade show booth such as signs, stickers, and updated field guides. Where did you get the inspiration to do this?

“As a designer, once you really ‘get’ the brand and its potential, it’s hard to stop! I love any opportunity to design new pieces. Sam was open to introducing wit and humor, so I ran with the WORD NERD and GRAMMAR POLICE stickers. And it’s always great to have fun freebies for clients and staff to enjoy.”

What advice would you give to a company that’s going through the rebranding process?

“Take your time, if at all possible. It’s one of the hardest things to get right. I was lucky enough to be given a lot of freedom and time to arrive at the new look.”

If you’d like to view our rebranded pieces, you can view them here.

This post was written by Emilie Ferdelman, a former Dragonfly, and Lexy Nesbitt, Design Manager.



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