Please Stand By: Finding Zen While Editing Proposals


Please stand by…

Proposal editors hear these three little words a lot.

No matter how well we staff our projects, update our schedules, craft our style sheets, or create nifty little project folders on our desktops, there is one variable we have no control over.

The client

Our clients — proposal managers and proposal coordinators — want to give us work. And they’re genuinely apologetic when they have to cancel or postpone editing support.

Just like we depend on them to get us copy for editing, they depend on their internal teams to actually write it first.

The comfort

In view of this steady constant within the ever-changing tide of deadlines and project deliverables, I thought I’d offer some veteran tips that may be of service as we gear up for this year’s busy proposal editing season.

May the following be a source of comfort next time you hear those three little words.

  • Proposal editors are really Zen monks in training.
  • Our clients take this training seriously.
  • Patience and flexibility are virtuous.
  • Good humor also helps.

The postscript
Many thanks, in advance, to all members of the Dragonfly team who most likely will be facing these three little words with me. Again. Very soon.
P.S. Good humor can come in the form of laughter or ice cream. Your pick.


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