Pew Foundation on the Future of the Internet

Those of you involved in writing for the web, or in using social media as part of your marketing and communications campaigns, may be interested in reading this report. It’s the Pew Internet Project’s report on “the Internet and American Life,” and includes projections on how Internet-based technologies will affect American’s work lives and private lives.
Particularly interesting is Pew’s prediction on the eradication of work/life boundaries. Here’s how they see the year 2020:

In 2020, well-connected knowledge workers in more-developed nations have willingly eliminated the industrial-age boundaries between work hours and personal time. Outside of formally scheduled activities, work and play are seamlessly integrated in most of these workers’ lives. This is a net-positive for people. They blend personal/professional duties wherever they happen to be when they are called upon to perform them — from their homes, the gym, the mall, a library, and possibly even their company’s communal meeting space, which may exist in a new virtual-reality format.

Whether this will be a blessing or a curse–if it happens– remains to be seen.


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