The Education Trust

Style Guide
The Education Trust works alongside educators, parents, students, policymakers, and community leaders to provide practical assistance toward closing the opportunity gaps that affect students of color and students from families with low incomes. As part of their efforts to promote education equity, increase awareness, and influence national and state policies, they turned to Dragonfly to help ensure their messages were clear.

The process began with the re-creation of their style guide to ensure consistency and recognizability among their materials. The new guide was designed to make their publications easier to read, reflect current trends and technology, and use a polished editorial style incorporating inclusive language.

Dragonfly designers reimagined the interior layouts using clear delineations and color coding, and emphasizing guidelines versus examples. Special attention was given to ensure the messages were represented in a way that showed accuracy and sensitivity. The re-visioned guide gave The Education Trust the tools they needed to maintain a consistent voice, style, and tone throughout their materials library.

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