Making Typos To Show That Typos Are Wrong?

RepMan writes about the latest absurd result of a public figure/head honcho neglecting to run copy past a proofreader or editor before releasing it to the masses.
It seems a company called TextTrust–which hawks “the Internet’s highest quality web site spell checker”–sent out a press release full of–you guessed it–typos. The misspelled words included independent, accommodation, and definitely, which were spelled independant, accomodation, and definately. Ouch.
TexTrust’s PR manager immediately accepted responsibility for the incident, but as RepMan writes, “the damage had [already] been done. TextTrust became something of a water cooler joke.” He goes on to articulate one of my main points as to why copyediting your work is essential to maintaining your company’s reputation: “If he/she can’t get the spelling correct in what was probably a critically important press release, can he/she be trusted with other assignments?”


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