Let’s Get Started: How To Work With a Copywriter for the First Time

You’ve seen the inspirational posters that say “The hardest part of any journey is that first step.” 

Welp, that’s not true. Not for us.

Working with a writer is supposed to make your life easier. And with Dragonfly, you can get content support just by sending an email. It’s easy.

Tell us:

  • What you need. We can write websites, blogs, white papers, social media posts … And just about anything else you can dream up. Briefly summarize your project for us. If you have requirements like page length or word count, let us know. 
  • Who (or what) it’s for. Why is this project important? How does it align with other projects or goals? Is there a specific audience you’re targeting? This is good background information and helps us assign the project to the right writer. 
  • When you need copy. We understand you need time to manage internal review processes, design and technical buildouts. So, when can we start? And when do you need content?
  • Your business process. If you need a formal estimate or statement of work to get started, we can do that. If you have budgetary or time restrictions, let us know. We can swap NDAs or take your company’s brand training – whatever it takes. 

With that information, Dragonfly’s management team can get all the business ducks in a row. Then, they’ll assign your project to a writer who has experience with your industry, audience or project type. 

Your writer will have a few more questions for you, and may request a formal kickoff call or an interview with a subject matter expert. Your writer will need:

  • A designated contact person to send drafts and direct questions to. Having a single point of contact within your company simplifies and speeds up the process, especially if you have multiple internal reviewers.
  • Contact information for subject matter experts, if you need us to coordinate interviews. Include the contact’s name, title and time zone, plus any scheduling tips.
  • Style guides, acronym lists and product literature (if you have them). We start learning about your products and tone before we start writing. If these materials aren’t accessible or current, send a good URL or a recent project that performed really well.
  • The inside scoop. Just a little bit of background information helps your writer emphasize your strengths and emulate your voice. Some clients give us “watch-outs,” which flag potentially sensitive topics, or words to avoid. We can also leverage user reviews, SEO keyword lists, sales decks and interview transcripts. Our goal is to create effective copy that sails through your review cycles – and you can help us get there.   

That’s it. With these eight items, your copywriter can get to work. 

What can we help you with? 

Thanks to copywriter, Melissa Blevins, for this blog post and to Samantha Enslen, President of Dragonfly Editorial,  for her editing skills. 


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