Check Out These Language and Editing Blogs

johnmcintyrecrop-thumb-autox100Wendalyn Nichols at Copyediting brings our attention this week to a list of blogs recommended by John McIntyre, former director of the copy desk at the Baltimore Sun. John’s list, solicited by, is a great resource for anyone interested in issues of language, linguistics, and literacy.
How’s that for some off-the-cuff alliteration?
In case you don’t know, offers top ten lists of the “best” blogs on a variety of niche topics, from knitting to liberal politics to cupcakes. While you’re on the site, check out the Top 10 Blogs for Word Nerds. The author of that list references John McIntyre’s own personal blog, You Don’t Say.
I think that means the internet has collapsed in on itself and will self-destruct any time now.


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